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About us

BCAG was founded on the heels of 2018 Farm Bill.


As early entrants in an emerging industry we faced the same inconsistencies in quality, pricing, and access that plagued the industry at large. To minimize the impact of these external factors we expanded operations incrementally- steadily bringing the critical components of our supply chain in-house.

Now we posses broad capabilities that allow us to tailor products and services to meet the diverse needs of market participants, and end-users alike.

Our Brands

Dr. Dank

Dr. Dank is our high energy, in-your-face, brand focused on delivering the biggest bang for you buck!


Expect vibrant colors, bold flavors, and a diverse selection of stout products!

Terrebonne Therapeutics

Terrebonne Therapeutics is our true heath and wellness brand.

Here you will find a host of custom-formulated topicals and supplements that leverage the beneficial properties of cannabinoids.

Weatherford 1814

Weatherford1814 is our reserved, timeless brand that prioritizes quality over quantity.

That means utilizing local honey, fruit extracts, fine belgian cocoa, and responsible dosages to craft products that compliment modern active lifestyles.

Southeast Botanical

Southeast Botanical Research works behind the scenes operating our grow and lab facilities.

Here we manage the sourcing, cultivation, processing, and extraction of our active ingredients.

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